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Upload Limits
We limit the number of uploads to 5 per day to ensure everyone gets a chance of being seen. 
Password reset problems
There are often issues sending emails to: Comcast AOL Roadrunner Please raise a ticket to have your password reset.  
Issues with Firefox
Firefox has dropped support for many types of media including that used by older files on this site.  We suggest switching to Chrome, the site is designed and extensively tested using Chrome.
Any message about MySQL means there is a problem with our database.  Sometimes your browser will cache this page, try CTRL and F5 and this will clear the page.  
Age verification
Our age verification works on cookies, if you block cookies you'll see it every page.  Please unblock cookies from our site, we do not track or use any other information other then to help your viewi...
Delete video
Go to my videos and click remove.  If you delete a video in error please contact us within 72 hours and we will restore it.
Delete account
Log in a go to 'My Account' and click the link.  You will have 7 days in which to change your mind before your account is deleted permanently. If you wish to have your account reactivated please open...
Pause in video play, video will not jump forwards
Videos that have just been uploaded or old videos which are played infrequently have to be uploaded to our CDN.  This can make the video slightly slower to load and does not allow forwarding.  A lar...
I can't see any HD videos
HD are only available to premium members, either upgrade or upload a video to get access.

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